Week 2 2021 meal plan – and home school horrors

Working from home with a four year old

Well it was never going to be easy, was it? But I won’t complain (too much) as the companies we work for are being very understanding, allowing us the flexibility to work and look after Ioan, and that’s not the case for everyone.

Ioan is thoroughly enjoying being at home, even if his enthusiasm for lessons is limited to around 20 minutes at a time (but he is only four years old).

That does make for some interesting meetings …

Ioan homeschool on table

And Betty can’t help but join in on the action too …

Betty and tracy


Andrew and I are a tag team when it comes to dealing with Ioan versus work, and we break together for lunch and exercise, although considering the rates of Covid are still skyrocketing in London, we might stop going out for our daily walks soon. Although during the last lockdown, when I introduced Ioan to PE with Joe, Ioan said “I don’t like that man’s voice” and refused to engage. Hmmmm, laps of the garden maybe …?!

Andrew’s stamp of approval

I enjoyed meal planning last week, and we ended up with some really tasty meals, a couple of which were new recipes which Andrew scoffed and demanded I make again. Particular favourites were:

Crispy Korean chicken with stirfried veg and noodles:

Close up Korean crispy chicken

No stirfry or spicy sauce for Ioan:

Ioan crispy korean chicken and noodles

Toulouse sausages with Puy lentils:

Toulouse sausages and Puy lentils

Recipes to follow …

Menu plan – week 2 2021

I haven’t included lunches this week as we have used up most of the Christmas leftovers now. There’s some smoked salmon and cheese left, so basically that’s what we are having for lunch this week!

  • Monday – pasta with lemon, garlic and breadcrumbs which I saw on Nigella’s website for our meat free Monday
  • Tuesday – leftover chicken from Sunday’s roast dinner, with veggies
  • Wednesday – roasted salmon fillet with tomato risotto
  • Thursday – chicken stirfry with udon noodles
  • Friday – takeaway (fish and chips last week was lovely)
  • Saturday – scampi and new potatoes
  • Sunday – lamb hotpot from my new ‘Pie’ cookbook for this week’s Cookbook Challenge

Good luck everyone, and stay safe.

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