New year easy eats with Froothie (review)

I have a confession to make, and I am not very proud of it. Almost a year ago, Froothie sent me a couple of kitchen gadgets to play with and review. Now, when companies send bloggers gadgets, or food, a blogger is under no obligation to write about the product. However, what the company hopes is that if the blogger does like it, then they write about it so their readers can find out about the product.

What I am not very proud of is that I have loved my goodies from Froothie, and used them loads, but not yet written about the experience apart from in passing. I feel bad because Froothie were very generous, and I saw lots of my fellow bloggers sharing reviews, recipes and ideas, and just couldn’t find the time to write my own post. Obviously I blame my son, and returning to work in the summer (oh I miss those days of maternity leave …) and have written this post in my head 1000 times during walks around the park while trying to get Ioan to nap.

So here I finally am, with a review of the first of two products I received (I actually got a third product, but shamefully haven’t had the time to use it yet so I’ll have to come back to you on it):

So my favourite of the two products is definitely the multi cooker pressure cooker, which actually talks to you to tell you when it’s letting off pressure (very handy as I am always paranoid about things like releasing steam pressure). I already have a KitchenAid multi cooker, which I love, but where the Froothie one adds value to my kitchen is that it is a pressure cooker as well. But not a scary one like my nan used to have which whistled and shook (and I was always convinced would explode), but a modern one (as I said, it talks to you), which is a much more comfortable experience. Cook stews and soups in no time at all, with no fear of explosions.

But not just soups and stews! How about making porridge?

Or rice?

Or risotto (one pan, NO STIRRING!!!)?

Or (and this was my personal favourite), how about a WHOLE ROAST DINNER? What a time to be alive.

What I would say about the Optimum induction multi cooker pressure cooker pro is that you really need to know a bit about cooking to use it. The online recipe book (I would really prefer a hard copy one) is not detailed enough for someone like Andrew, who doesn’t have confidence in the kitchen. So you need to be prepared to play about with it a bit and get used to the timings.

Once you are used to it though, make your breakfast quickly and easily whilst you get ready for work, and the non-stick pan makes washing up a breeze. Same with rice – cooked perfectly and no need to keep an eye on the stove (although for me the risotto was a bit stodgy, there is nothing wrong with a bit of stodge in this weather).

However, I thought the roast chicken in one pot was fantastic: and the potatoes which I cooked underneath the chicken were drenched in chicken juices and reminded me of the roast potatoes I used to get in Spain, which were cooked under the chickens on spits. Amazing, and so easy – just bung the chicken in and ignore it. And because the skin doesn’t go crispy like it would in an oven, you can discard it and feel a whole lot healthier too!

You can also slow cook in the machine, so the world is really your oyster!

Coming very soon (i.e., this month, not in 2019!), my review of the Optimum G2.3 platinum series high speed blender

4 Replies to “New year easy eats with Froothie (review)”

  1. Awww don’t feel bad! Glad you’ve been enjoying it! I’ve used mine a few times now and really getting the hang of it. Agree its helpful if you know a bit about cooking but I’m learning as I go along 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma, you make me feel better. They do take a bit of time to get used to but are very handy to save time / washing up!

  2. Sounds like you have had cooking marathon with this gadget and it is certainly time saving. I love cooking rice in mine and Indian dhals.

    1. I will definitely give Indian dahls a go as I love them

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