Farewell to 2021 – in photos

As we say goodbye to 2021 and look towards a new year, I wanted to share our experience of 2021 with you – family life, food, and plenty of fun.

Family photo holiday

A brief word on the pandemic

When I wrote about the craziness of 2020 this time last year, little did I expect that we would be in the midst of Omicron, with the potential for increased Covid measures just around the corner. We have fortunately once again managed to avoid Covid, although I sadly personally know of more people who have lost loved ones to it. Thanks to the scientists who have vaccinated and boosted us, and offered us some protection against the pandemic.


Home school

2021 started off pretty horrifyingly for any parent with school closures across the country for over two months, and my first blog posts of the year all mentioned how we were doing our best to cope. In retrospect, I can see the benefits of getting such an insight into Ioan’s school day as it has helped me to understand how he learns and what he learns. But god I hope we don’t see any more home schooling for 2022.

Home school

We started a new habit of feeding the local squirrels on the way home from school, which Ioan loves:

Feeding squirrels

And the odd ice cream on the way home, when weather allows:

After school ice cream

Living with lockdown

We did manage to develop some of our skills during lockdown, alongside ‘teaching’, and ‘baking’ (the inevitable sourdough):

Sourdough loaf

I even braved ‘hairdressing’ with Ioan, although Andrew would not let me lose on his barnet!


Restaurants at home

Following on from several restaurant boxes in 2020, we followed up with a few in 2021, including a Sri Lankan feast:

Sri Lankan feast

Another Hawksmoor at Home:


Dishoom bacon naans:


Made in Oldstead:

Made in Oldstead box

Real life restaurants

The pleasures of real life in person socialising became a reality again as lockdown lifted and Covid rates settled down. In the early days my girl friends and I went wine tasting in Kent:

Andrew and I went to Brindisa for my birthday brunch celebration:


I went out with work colleagues to Sushi Samba:

Sushi samba

My friend Lara and I had a lovely posh dinner out at Aizle in Edinburgh when we were on holiday there:


Andrew and I had an utterly gluttonous and joyous treat of a meal at Le Gavroche with our friends Jo and Billy:


Le gavrocheLet me tell you that the soufflé suissesse is the best thing I have ever eaten in my life and I still dream about it:

Souffle suissesse

The girls and I went to Angela Hartnett’s Murano for an Italian feast:

Dinner Murano

Back to work

Not only did I return to work at the flagship 22 Bishopsgate office in the centre of London:

22 Bishopsgate

But I also returned to Paris, which was my first time abroad since 2019. Even the Eurostar was a wonderful novelty:

Eurostar and mask

And I promise that really is the Eiffel Tower in the background:

Paris office


Taking a break from London and going on holiday was a great pleasure for us, even though we didn’t go too far afield. We took advantage of plenty of trips to Mum’s caravan in Sussex:


And visiting Andrew’s family in Wales and doing day trips from there:

Ioan welsh seaside

Plus a trip up to Edinburgh to visit friends, which was just wonderful.


Losing Alfie at the end of 2020 and Betty at the start of this year was so sad for us, but we were delighted to welcome Star into our lives in March:

Star the kitten

And Biscuit in July:

Biscuit the kitten

The two are firm friends, and bring us such joy. We’ll never forget Henry, Alfie, Betty … and even Trampy, but Star and Biscuit are wonderful new members of the family.

Star and Biscuit


And speaking of family, the greatest pleasure of the year has been spending time with ours. Ioan has enjoyed all the cuddles, with Mum:

Nanny hugs

With Uncle Jason:

Jason hugs

And with Mamgu and Grandad:

Mamgu and grandad

Here’s hoping that 2022 will not keep us away from family and friends. I wish you all the best for 2022 and beyond.


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  1. Some amazing meals there. Such beautiful kittens as well! A very happy and safe 2022 to you all, thanks for posting, Jane

    1. Thanks Jane, wishing you a wonderful new year and hope to see you in 2022 (the cats too!)

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