Notice anything different about me?


Hey, how’s it going? How do you like my new look and feel?

My amazing designer friend Charlotte (who – as well as running Petal Design – also happens to be mum to Henry and Evie, and one third of Alphabet Adventures), has developed this fabulous new look and feel for It’s Not Easy Being Greedy.

She took my very basic brief (a header image that looks like the London skyline but is made out of food) and turned it into something amazing – filled with vibrant colours, and looking good enough to eat. I had no ideas at all for the logo but Charlotte created several concepts and I absolutely love this table layout, just waiting for a feast to come along and be eaten!

As well as looking pretty damn gorgeous over here, you can also check out my swanky new look over on my Facebook page (that tomato header image was getting annoying – I mean, I don’t even like raw tomatoes), or come and have a little tweet with me on Twitter.

Now I have this fabulously professional look and feel, I really need to up my game with the rest of the blog.

The words I am okay with – they are a bit rambling and waffly, but the sentiment comes from the heart and I definitely see this space as the chance for me to chat with you (albeit rather one-sided).

The content subjects could do with some work – I am woefully behind my series of posts about Ioan’s formative months, but am determined to catch up. Alphabet Adventures needs to get back on track (we are at M, so slowly moving through the alphabet!). I am desperate to make more use of my cookbooks so the cookbook challenge needs to restart – ideally every Friday so that I can take advantage of my day at home with Ioan.

The photos seriously need some work – I am very much a pointer, clicker and eater (sometimes an eater, and then oh whoops point and clicker to be honest). I am going to make a real effort to improve the images on here so that they live up to the rest of the look and feel (thanks to Charlotte).

Frequency – I have been on holiday for a week so did miss an update, but I do want to ensure I regularly post on here. Not just the weekly updates, but more recipes and culinary challenges. I need to remember that blogging is a way to decompress in the same way that watching the tv in the evening is … sometimes it doesn’t feel like it when I have spent all day in front of a computer at work.

So, they are my promises to you. Now please, head over to Charlotte’s website and commission her immediately to make your life more beautiful.

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