Week 5 2017 – eating wisely, but not well, at the MaE Deli (review)

My lovely friend Jo and I have a tradition of treating each other to a birthday meal each year. Unfortunately for Jo, her birthday falls in early January, when she – and everyone else – is trying to eat a bit more virtuously, so we generally choose a restaurant that allows some healthy-ish options. This […]

Foodie penpals – February 2015

I love a lot of things about Foodie Penpals. Obviously I love getting food by post (I mean, who wouldn’t?). I also love picking out goodies to send to a stranger, based on their answers to a few simple questions (for example¬†“what won’t you eat?”). I have discovered bloggers who I have continued to follow […]

Week 6 – back on the road again

Well, I say back on the road again … I mean back on the Eurostar again for a couple of days in Paris. I am going to be meeting up with various colleagues from continental Europe, and we’re going to follow our usual tradition of each bringing a food item from our home country for […]