Week 14 – European foodie adventures

img_6081.jpgLast week I went to Paris for an annual web manager workshop, which has been a key part of our e-community since I joined the company 10 years ago. Although it’s mainly about work, I am proud to say that I launched a tradition which remains to this day: a shared foodie adventure where we lunch on goodies brought to share from our local regions.

Sadly I was too greedy to take many photos, but here’s a selection of what we ate:

  • Pretzels, sausage, mustard and gummi bears from our German colleagues.
  • Award-winning cheese from Spain.
  • Salami from Italy.
  • Bread with tuna, rillettes, chouquettes, biscuits, cakes, crepes with honey and cider from France (we’re a French company, so naturally French food featured as the majority of the submissions).
  • Pick and mix sweeties from Belgium.
  • Mini-cheddars and creme egg brownies from London! The latter was my offering, as I always like to share something classy like a creme egg with my European colleagues.

When we went out for dinner that evening, it did make me chuckle that these Kinder chocolates went with our post-dinner teas and coffees!


So what about this week? Well, I am pleased to say I have no more trips booked for a while, so can stay at home and enjoy the following:

  • Monday – cacio e pepe
  • Tuesday – gammon and parsley sauce
  • Wednesday – sausage and pepper bake
  • Thursday – Swedish meatballs
  • Fridy – fish goujons
  • Saturday – Andrew’s making us Juicy Lucy burgers, which are going to be a post all in themselves (if you don’t know what a Juicy Lucy is, stay tuned!)
  • Sunday – roast chicken dinner

Here’s a picture of the lovely cacio e pepe which I just ate – yum!


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