Week 20 – summer Sunday roast chicken dinner

Not too much to share at the moment, as pregnancy has been severely messing with my foodie plans. Either I spend my time guzzling Gaviscon, or have to fast and then ‘breakfast’ on Lucozade as part of my gestational diabetes test. Yummy.


But I did have a lovely and summery roast chicken dinner at the weekend: I simply roasted the bird with salt and pepper in a moderate oven, and served it with Paxo stuffing, Jersey Royals boiled with mint leaves and with a knob of butter stirred in, and peas cooked in bacon, onion and chicken stock. Delicious!


For pudding I topped up the rhubarb from the garden with some apples to make a crumble. I don’t add sugar to the fruit, just a drop of orange juice, but the crumble topping has butter, plain flour, coconut, porridge oats and brown sugar. Perfect served with a dollop of cream.


At breakfast Andrew had demanded eggs benedict – his favourite breakfast. I still had the last of the homemade English muffins from Christmas, so served these toasted with ham, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce.


This week I’ll be away in Paris yet again for work, followed by a couple of evenings with friends, so I won’t be cooking much. That’s not always such a bad thing though!

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