Thoughts on being a (greedy) mum – month 3

Ioan, my little cherub, is not the sleepiest little fella during the day, which means this isn’t a common occurrence. When it does happen, I normally take the chance to do the washing, clean, or cook and eat. That doesn’t leave much time for blogging but here I am, trying my best to update you […]

Weeks 45 to 48 – bringing up baby

Where oh where does the time go? It’s like Ioan eats it with the same enthusiasm with which he eats his fingers (teething, wow, that’s not exactly a bundle of fun is it?!). Anyway, I have been planning my menus, but each time Sunday pops around I realise I don’t have time to write up […]

Thoughts on being a (greedy) mum – month 2

Wow, how time flies. Ioan is already twelve weeks old – nearly three¬†months old! – and my last blog post on the subject of motherhood feels like years ago. Ioan seems to have grown so much, even though to others he still looks like a newborn. My favourite thing about this stage of Ioan’s development […]

Week 38 – a new normal

Since the birth of our son, life has changed dramatically. Of course that won’t surprise you – whether you have kids or not, you know that a baby in the house means that your life is dictated to by a tiny human who can only communicate through crying (and the odd scream), who you simply […]

Weeks 32-35 – the most amazing thing I have ever made: my baby

Here he is: introducing Ioan, our gorgeous little boy. Since he made his appearance on 24 July we have been living in a newborn whirlwind (and don’t even get me started on the hormones). He truly is the most amazing thing I have ever made (thanks in part to my ‘sous-chef’ Andrew!). And he is […]

Week 12 – a bun in the oven

Today is Good Friday, and although I am not the slightest bit religious I do like to take the opportunity to incorporate food traditions into my life at any opportunity, so that means Hot Cross Buns today. But there’s another reason for me wanting to make the fruity little buns, and that is because I […]