St Patrick’s Day Irish stew, chocolate Guinness cake and Baileys ice cream

It’s St Patrick’s day, and even though I only have the most tenuous link to Ireland (I sit opposite an Irish girl at work), I am happy to take any opportunity to join in with the craic. Plus, it’s not every day you have the perfect excuse to make Nigella Lawson’s chocolate Guinness cake, which […]

Cat poo coffee cake at the Clandestine Cake Club

I came across the Clandestine Cake Club via a Google search for something or other (cake, probably), and saw that a CCC event was scheduled in my area of Bowes Park that very weekend. Organised by Kay, the event had the theme of a secret – basically you had to bake a cake with a […]

GBBO challenge week 5 – millionaire’s shortbread

Find out more about my Great British Bake Off challenge. So, the latest episode of the wonderful Bake Off included a technical tuile challenge, signature traybakes and showstopping biscuit towers. Now, tuiles are lovely and all that, but they probably aren’t the most pleasurable type of biscuit to eat, and they do look like a […]