Week 41 – not quite as healthy as planned

So last week was my supposed return to healthy eating. Things didn’t go entirely to plan, although my homemade breakfast (granola) and lunch (cream of sweetcorn soup) helped keep me on the straight and narrow at work. Unfortunately I sampled a few too many of the millionaire’s shortbread which I made for last week’s GBBO […]

Week 4 – converting the French to British food

Who says the French don’t like British food eh? I have yet to meet a French person who hasn’t wanted to try some of our traditional British dishes, although I admit I was dubious about the success of my menu for last Wednesday night: Haggis, neeps and tatties to taste Welsh rarebit Toad in the hole […]

Week 2 – still hungry, still trying to ignore the Ferrero Rocher …

The box of Ferrero Rocher I bought for Christmas is still singing to me, but I am trying to ignore it as I won’t just eat one – I’ll eat them all. I know they are desperately unfashionable chocolates, but I adore them. Creamy Nutella and crunchy nutty coating – delicious. I’ll open the box once […]