Week 41 – not quite as healthy as planned

So last week was my supposed return to healthy eating. Things didn’t go entirely to plan, although my homemade breakfast (granola) and lunch (cream of sweetcorn soup) helped keep me on the straight and narrow at work.

Unfortunately I sampled a few too many of the millionaire’s shortbread which I made for last week’s GBBO challenge, and my week of not exactly abstinence ended with a girls night out at Hakkasan last night, where I ate well but not too wisely. A few glasses of wine and cocktails may have made their way down my throat too …

My day of cooking last week and meticulous organisation did really help to keep my evenings free from slaving over the stove though, so today I have been at it again, making our roast pork for Sunday dinner, plus minced beef for beef cobbler:

Broccoli and stilton soup for this week’s lunches:

A caramelised apple steamed sponge for this week’s GBBO challenge:

A chocolate sponge cake ready to be transformed into a chocolate caramel cake for Tuesday’s MacMillan coffee morning at work:

So that gives you a hint of some of this week’s menu, which is fully planned as follows:

  • Monday – homemade vegetarian pizza for Meat Free Monday
  • Tuesday – Beef cobbler
  • Wednesday – sausage carbonara from Jamie Oliver’s new book
  • Thursday – Barnsley chop, new potatoes, veg
  • Friday – a pork dish from Jamie’s new book for this week’s Cookbook Challenge
  • Saturday – chicken Kiev, jacket potatoes, mushy peas
  • Sunday – Faggots, mash and peas (bumped from last week)

I still have plenty of delicious granola left for my breakfasts this week, so I will take some of that to the office.

I can’t wait to share with you my Cookbook Challenge from Nadiya’s book: I made lamb bhuna and it was definitely the most authentic-tasting curry I think I have ever made. And so simple too. Even better, I still have a portion of the curry paste in the freezer to use to make another quick and easy meal. Here’s a sneak preview of my lamb bhuna with homemade garlic naan bread (delicious, although probably didn’t turn out quite as it was supposed to):

Enjoy your week!


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