A little bit of being naughty can go a long way

So, week one of the new year was great for me – I pointed religiously and lost 2lbs over the week. I was very strict but it wasn’t too hard to cook meals which were low points (pesto pasta bulked out with broccoli, sous vide salmon, prawn and chilli pasta, beef mince stew with dumplings, sous vide steak with salad). However, what I realised is that snacks are my downfall. When I don’t eat any, I am fine. When I do, I eat a lot of them. This week has been tougher as my appetite for chocolate has returned and the Christmas decorations (the chocolate ones, obviously) were just crying at me to be eaten. Well, they are all gone now, but I am pretty sure that will stop any potential weight loss this week. They were tasty though, and I can’t be bothered to get too worked up about a bit of naughtiness for the start of the new year!

This week I made a lovely chicken stirfry for Monday night, although when I opened the pack of udon noodles one of the packages had rotten noodles inside – pretty disgusting! I have sent off a complaint to Sharwoods but no response as yet. I made lamb casserole on Tuesday with loads of pearl barley in it. On Wednesday I was out to see The Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Coliseum with friends, so went to Cote Brasserie for a pre-theatre meal which was well worth £13 for 3 courses: I had ratatouille and goats cheese with toasted bread, salmon with hollandaise and veg, and apple tart for pudding. I recommend it there for a tasty good value meal. The ballet was great but I should have spent more time reading up on the story instead of relying on my knowledge of the Disney film for the story! I must confess I was a teeny bit bored towards the end.

On Thursday I made Nigella’s sicilian pasta again, but in a moment of madness mucked up the weights and cooked 500g pasta for the two of us so it was coming out of our ears. I made my way through a second portion for Friday’s lunch but I couldn’t face it again in the evening (opting for breaded plaice with jacket potato and veg) and so binned the rest on Saturday. I do hate to throw away or waste food, but I genuinely could not face more of the same, and I wasn’t sure it would freeze well.

Last night I made a really tasty meal of breaded chicken from M&S with homemade coleslaw. In a bid to be healthy I served mine with butternut squash and parsley mash (Andrew had chips!). Today will be turkey and ham pie (leftovers from Christmas which I froze on boxing day). Tasty I am sure, but not so healthy, so I am firmly convinced that my weigh in on Tuesday will be far from as positive as last week. However, I did have 3 sessions at the gym this week so whilst I might not have been completely on track with food, I have been reasonably active.

Let’s hope that I can behave myself next week!

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