Cookbook challenge – Nathan Outlaw: baked rice pudding – new recipe

Andrew loves rice pudding. When I make one I usually use skimmed milk, sugar, vanilla extract, grate fresh nutmeg on top, and bake it in the oven whilst my roast dinner is cooking. I stir in a little fresh cream when I take it out of the oven, and serve the rice pudding cold (Andrew, weirdly, likes all his desserts served cold). If I don’t make rice pudding, Andrew will also happily eat a tin of Ambrosia rice pudding.

This baked rice pudding by Nathan Outlaw resembles neither mine, nor Ambrosia’s. His rice pudding uses whole milk, double cream AND clotted cream. He greases his dish with butter. And he uses brown sugar. This is one rich rice pudding, so perfect for a Cookbook Challenge.

Baked rice pudding ingredients

And do you know what? Nathan Outlaw’s baked rice pudding is nice. But maybe too nice. It’s restaurant style rich, and I am not sure that’s what I want after my Sunday lunch. It’s too creamy. It tastes of caramel. And as much as I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’d make it again.

Baked rice pudding in a dish

Although Betty the cat would like me to …

Betty stealing baked rice pudding

However, it’s definitely worth a go, as you might like it far more than me (you will do, especially if you love cream). So here’s the recipe – give it a go and let me know what you think.

Baked rice pudding – serves 4

30g butter, 120g pudding rice, 500ml milk, 350ml double cream, 250g clotted cream, 70g soft light brown sugar, pinch of salt

Nathan recommends you use an oven proof dish with the following dimensions: 20cm x 20cm and 8 cm deep.

Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees.

Use the butter to generously grease your dish (I probably wouldn’t do this if I made it again, as when I took the pudding out of the oven, there was a layer of melted butter across the top which I poured away).

Rinse the pudding rice and leave to drain.

Put the milk, double cream and clotted cream in a saucepan with the sugar and salt and bring to a simmer, stirring until the sugar and salt is dissolved.

Pour the rice into the milky cream, stir, and pour everything into the prepared dish.

Bake for one hour, checking that the rice is cooked before removing from the oven.

Nathan recommends to serve immediately, but we waited for a couple of hours until the baked rice pudding had cooled a little. Don’t leave it until the following day as it goes to hard and claggy.

Baked rice pudding close up

Would you like to try another classic pudding recipe? Here’s a few of my favourites, including some from my food blogger friends which sound totally delicious!:

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  1. Oh my that’s a lot of cream! Like you I go for a rather lighter rice pudding. However, my Mum used to put a can of Carnation Milk (evaporated milk) in her rice pudding on special occasions and that was by far the best! Thanks for including a link to my Slow Cooker Cloutie Dumpling.

    1. Ooooh interesting, I might need to give evaporated milk a go … my mum used to put that on puds for special treats!

  2. Goodness me that does seem a bit OTT. But he is a chef and chef’s seem to love their cream. I like the sound of your rice pudding better. Thanks for including my Snowdon Pudding.

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