Meal planning Monday – 24 March 2014

ImageI am out for dinner twice this week, which I am really looking forward to. Firstly tonight I am meeting up with some old friends. We all used to work together at least two jobs ago, and thanks to Facebook we’re all still in touch regularly, despite Charles now living in Sweden and Dan in Brighton. As Charles is back for a brief visit, we’re meeting in the West End for a meat feast at Bodeans. Then on Thursday I am meeting with another ex-colleague (but from a different company) for a somewhat lighter meal in Islington.

Bodeans is one of Andrew’s favourite restaurants, and it is the perfect place for any carnivore. Personally I have found it a bit hit and miss in the past, but maybe I have made bad choices. I keep promising to take my brother there as I am sure he would love it, so I’ll see how it goes this time and if it’s a hit then I’ll take Jason along next.

Thursday is a more varied menu at Bills Restaurant in Angel – I have never been to one of this small chain before, but I have heard good things about it and the menu looks fabulous. I love it when you look at a menu and want to eat almost everything on it. Plus of course I’ll be spending the evening with Emma who I haven’t seen since before Christmas (incredible how time flies) – food and friends, lovely!

My only other inspiration for the week is the wild garlic I have growing in my garden (not sure if it is classed as wild when it’s in your garden, but you know what I mean – the green leaves which grow in spring and perfume the air with a subtle garlicky smell). When I went to the Felin Fach Griffin pub near Brecon last year, they made a delicious gnocchi with wild garlic and butternut squash, which has inspired me to make gnocchi this week. I never have before, but I am hoping it’s relatively simple to manage after work. I will update you soon with my results!

As usual my breakfast this week will be porridge, grated apple and cinnamon, and lunch will be ratatouille instead of soup. Dinners are roughly planned as follows:

  • Monday – Bodeans
  • Tuesday – gnocchi with wild garlic; chicken stuffed with soft cheese and wrapped in parma ham
  • Wednesday – stirfry with meat or fish from the freezer!
  • Thursday – Bills
  • Friday – fishcakes
  • Saturday – salt and pepper squid
  • Sunday – hainanese chicken rice

You can find out more about meal planning At Home with Mrs M.

2 Replies to “Meal planning Monday – 24 March 2014”

  1. Oooh, can I join you for Tuesday’s meal?? Gnocchi and wild garlic?! YUM!

    1. Hey, it was gorgeous, although a lot of faff to make the gnocchi from scratch! And, to be honest, I couldn’t taste the wild garlic as much as I’d hoped so I probably should use even more next time. Hopefully the patch will grow so that next year I have even more :). Thanks for your comment!

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