Weeks 24 & 25 – birthday binging in style

IMG_2690.JPGMy few regular fans (hi Mum!) may have noticed that I missed last week’s meal plan. This is because I was in no position to type: I was either eating, in a stupor recovering from eating, or listening to live music (whilst eating). Annoyingly I also had to fit in the usual work-related tasks which fill my working week and pay the bills (although it felt like over these last two weeks I was mainly eating at my desk). I also hit the grand old age of 39 (I’ll be honest, I’m not loving the fact that this is the last year of my thirties …) and so celebrated my birthday by eating a little bit more (I think the fat might plump out my face and hide the wrinkles?).

Anyway, basically I ate a lot, which was lovely, but I am definitely feeling like I have over-indulged so I am trying to be a bit healthier for the coming week … except tomorrow as I am out with my brother and have promised him a big fat dirty American burger and ice cream so obviously I’ll have to have some of that … I’ll start on Tuesday.

IMG_2714.JPGSo this week the plan is to make healthy and nutritious smoothies for breakfast with my new toy – a KitchenAid magnetic drive blender which I am in love with (almond in colour, to match my other KitchenAid goodies, I now just need my dream kitchen to house all these beautiful gadgets in style … hint, hint Andrew). I have been working on some recipes, which so far revolve around spinach, apple, oats, coconut water and lime … once I have a few that I am happy with I’ll share them on here. My fellow food bloggers have been sharing their tips with me so I’ll include some links to my favourites from them as well.

For packed lunch this week I have made a big batch of jewelled Persian rice thanks to a parcel full of ingredients from Amira rice. I will also share this with you in the coming days as the rice is delicious.  Andrew is not so keen as it is a sweet savoury rice (including dried fruit) so he’ll be having leftovers of today’s Hainanese chicken rice. In the Amira recipe book there is  a Vietnamese rice dish which I want to try – if it’s as good as it looks then I’ll pass this on to you as well.

Dinners are as follows:

  • Monday – big fat dirty burger
  • Tuesday – salmon en croute, jersey royals, veg
  • Wednesday – I’ll be going out for dinner with my colleagues to the Regency Indian restaurant for an Indian feast
  • Thursday – I’m off to Brussels to train some colleagues about social media, so I will be at the mercy of the Eurostar for meals today
  • Friday – monkfish
  • Saturday – chicken kiev, new potatoes and mushy peas
  • Sunday – my next Cookbook Challenge

So do you want to know what I ate over these last two weeks? Well, here are a few tasty snapshots!

A gorgeous Indian feast at Dishoom thanks to Jo (lovely food, weird toilets):


Some of the new range at Yo Sushi, including the J-Dog hotdog (get yours quickly as they are only a limited number available this month and you can pick up a cute sriracha sauce bottle keyring), and self-seasoned fries:


And (my favourite) apple gyoza with black sesame ice cream and a syringe of salted caramel sauce:


My lovely friends Eve and Paul came to visit for a Michelin-starred meal. I will write a separate post on the whole menu but here’s the table set with our starter (accompanied by a bottle of Chateau de Tracy!):


Then we were off to Morston Hall for a birthday meal to remember (another adventure which deserves its own dedicated post). Sublime cooking by Galton Blackiston and his team – when you have this many wine glasses and items of cutlery you know you are in for a feast:


Followed by a lovely rest in Morston Hall’s beautiful rooms, and the next day breakfast and a “happy birthday” from the man himself (‘scuse my double chin in this one):


Then because I hadn’t eaten enough already, some birthday chips in Sheringham in North Norfolk:


Then some birthday crab in Cromer, because that’s where the best crab comes from:


And then a salted caramel ice cream:


After a little sleep and a day at work to interrupt the birthday eating, I was back on it with birthday fish and chips at Toff’s in Muswell Hill courtesy of my mum:


And then a trip to Paris (for work) and a birthday meal thanks to the lovely Rachel, with terrine to start:


Then steak with potatoes and shallot sauce … I was even too full for pudding!:


Last, but not least, my final treat (possibly) of a buttermilk chicken burger in Hyde Park yesterday, where we saw Blur perform in the rain:


And this was only birthday 39 … imagine what I’ll be like when I hit 40 next year – I had better start dieting now …

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  1. LondonKiwiEmma says: Reply

    What a delicious sounding week though – Dishoom, oh Dishoom! Dido you try the black lentils?

    1. Hi Emma – I didn’t try the lentils as my friend can’t eat them, but I feel like I tried everything else! I’d really like to go back and try their breakfasts too, mmmmm

  2. ann.knatt@turnerbutler.co.uk says: Reply

    What a busy girl you are!!

    1. I know! Definitely ready for a rest now 🙂

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