Happy St David’s Day – week 9, 2022

Hey, not only is it St David’s Day (or “Welsh day” as Ioan calls it!), but it is pancake day as well! Two excuses for delicious food in one day – perfect.

St David’s day

St David’s Day recipes

I have plenty of recipes for St David’s Day on this blog. Take a look below and try some of them out. Just this weekend I made corned beef pie for Andrew to eat while watching Wales v England six nations; and last night I made rissoles (for the first time ever) for dinner. We have lamb cawl for dinner tonight, and crempogs (welsh pancakes) for pudding. And I’ll be making a large batch of welsh cakes for later.

Pancakes on St David’s Day

Ioan has already demanded traditional pancakes (or crepes) for breakfast this morning. I always use a simple recipe of 50g plain flour, 1 egg, 150ml milk and a pinch of salt whisked together. This will make four medium pancakes, and so I usually make two for Ioan and then keep the rest of the batter in the fridge for the following day’s breakfast. He eats them sprinkled with sugar.

daffodil ioan

But welsh pancakes are essential for St David’s Day, and crempogs are a tasty little mix of buttermilk (but I usually use yoghurt thinned with milk, as that tends to be what I have in my fridge), flour, sugar, an egg, plus bicarbonate of soda and vinegar (ok that bit doesn’t sound tasty, but it makes the mixture fizzy so the little pancakes go fluffy when cooked). They are a bit like mini scotch or American pancakes. You need them in your life. Trust me.

Menu plan for week 10 of 2022

  • Monday – potato and cheese rissoles with leftover gammon and cauliflower cheese
  • Tuesday – St David’s Day lamb cawl followed by crempogs
  • Wednesday – chicken Kiev pasta bake
  • Thursday – salmon with veg
  • Friday – takeaway
  • Saturday – I’m out with the girls for Philly cheesesteak so Andrew and Ioan can have a freezer dive dinner
  • Sunday – Nigella’s meatloaf

Let me know your plans for St David’s Day, or pancake day, or both! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Dda!

Welsh flag over Treorchy

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