Working through ‘International Women’s Day’ week

Guess what? The leek lasagne failed to make the cut again last week, and takeaway ended up being our menu option of choice a couple of times. I definitely will get around to making it sometime soon, as it sounds delicious, but the prep time needs to be factored in to when I have a decent amount of time to make it.

So last week did end up being a bit of a strange one. More time working out of the office than in it (either at home or in our Paris office), takeaways and Eurostar meals. It wasn’t an ideal one, although Sunday lunch was a real hit: roast chicken with stuffing, roast potatoes and veg;

roast chicken

followed by a ‘kind of’ Eve’s pudding (made with rhubarb instead of apples) and custard.

Eve's pudding

Considering the windy, wet weather, this seemed like a totally appropriate meal, keeping us warm and cosy at home.

Ioan eating roast chicken

My job did take me into the London Stock Exchange on Monday for the opening bell – here is a picture of me signing in for the morning:


This coming week is hopefully a bit more organised. For packed lunches, I have made a prawn version of this Asian inspired salad.

Asian prawn salad

For evening meals:

  • Monday – Teriyaki beef stir fry with rice noodles
  • Tuesday – chicken (leftover from our roast) quesadillas with tomato rice and guacamole
  • Wednesday – shepherds pie
  • Thursday – pork chop with vegetables
  • Friday – homemade fish and chips
  • Saturday – 6 nations final help yourself and pasta
  • Sunday – St Patrick’s day meal with friends

For Saturday, I’ll be out with some friends, leaving Andrew and Ioan to the rugby. As it’s the final, I’ll make the boys some easy snacks like sausage rolls; and an easily re-heatable pasta dish for dinner.


What do you have planned?

And until next week, read a bit about the Global Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality at


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