Meal planning Monday – 28 April 2014

ImageHooray, I have actually got a plan for food this week! My kitchen is still a state of disaster, but as the builders took a break from their kitchen destruction on Sunday I took the opportunity to clear a space around the oven and make a few bits and pieces for dinners this week. I am utterly fed up of takeaways and fridge food (and cold food!) so a few hours in the kitchen has improved my mood considerably. I also made myself a basic but delicious Sunday dinner of sausages, jacket potato and baked beans. Seriously yummy!

Don’t get me wrong – what I have made for this week is basic and boring, but at least it means I will be able to eat a packed lunch (if I am left to my own devices at lunchtime I will buy triple quantities of unhealthy options so I need the strictness of a ready made lunch), and a hot meal each evening, without having to clear out and disinfect the kitchen each time I want to eat.

The pasta bake was very simple (boring), and had the advantage of using up some Easter cheese from the fridge: cooked pasta mixed with tallegio cheese and a splash of skimmed milk, tinned tuna, broad beans and peas, onion, salt and pepper. I grated some comte cheese on top of the pasta along with some breadcrumbs, and then baked it in the oven for 15 minutes until it was bubbly and crispy on top. It should last us both until Thursday, and hopefully by then the kitchen will be in enough of an order that I’ll be able to make sandwiches or salads for the rest of the week.

I still can’t make porridge for breakfast as that is a step too far for the morning without access to the kitchen, so I’m having muesli with greek yoghurt and honey each morning at the office.

I also cooked some new potatoes to have with a defrosted pork stew for tonight, and am planning the following for the rest of the week (assuming I can use the oven and microwave to cook or heat my ingredients):

  • Monday – defrosted pork stew, new potatoes
  • Tuesday – defrosted rabbit stew with (microwaved) rice
  • Wednesday – steak pie with microwave steamed vegetables
  • Thursday – chicken breast with roasted mediterranean vegetables
  • Friday – frozen fishcakes with salad
  • Saturday – chicken kiev, jacket potato, mushy peas
  • Sunday – fingers crossed the kitchen will be pretty much finished and I will be able to have a roast dinner!

You can find out more about meal planning At Home with Mrs M.

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