Baking with Betty Crocker

I was recently invited to ¬†Betty Crocker bake and decorate event in London and was disappointed to discover that Betty was invented in the 1920s by American Mad Men. ‘Her’ first product was Bisquick (still available in shops now) and ‘she’ was introduced to the British market in the 1990s. My brother Jason and I […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 6 – salted caramel torte

Wow – time is really flying, and I am starting to get behind on my Bake Off challenges. I did actually make this little beauty the weekend after episode 6 aired, but have struggled to find the time to write it up. So week 6, if you don’t remember, was European week. In between Mel […]

Celebrating US Independence Day with chocolate Coca-Cola cake

When you are making something to celebrate US Independence Day on 4 July, you can’t go too far wrong than making something which involves coca-cola, the brand that apparently created the red and white Santa Clause we know today. Personally, I have never been a fan of fizzy drinks – it’s one of the few […]