Maple walnut homemade ice cream recipe

I realise that as we move into March you  might not think that a recipe for ice cream is entirely appropriate. However, it has been the hottest weekend of the year so far (Saturday was apparently hotter than Rome!), so maybe you are already thinking about ice creams, barbecues, Pimms and salads. However, that’s not […]

What I tried recently – Welsh milkshake, Mango Lassi and Gluten Free bagels – review

Sometimes I am lucky enough to be sent products to review, or I go to events and hear about new products. It’s great fun, and I am very lucky to have this experience. Over the last couple of months I have received the following goodies to share with you. Daioni milkshakes Unusual name? Yes, I thought […]

Cream tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, and dinner at Song Que – review

When I heard that a cat cafe was going to open in London, it’s fair to say that I was more than a little bit excited. Cats and food are two of my favourite things, and whilst most people will agree they don’t go together fantastically well, I was still looking forward to a visit […]