GBBO week 8 – chicken and leek pie with hot water crust

I can’t say that Tudor week on the Bake Off was one of my favourites – I cannot stand marzipan so didn’t fancy much that the GBBO crew made for week 8, so my only option really was a pie. That’s not a bad option, to be fair, and to meet the Tudor theme I made […]

GBBO week 8 – pie: chicken and leek pie

I had never made puff pastry before, but following some recent success with Arlettes (made with reverse puff pastry) I decided to give it a go so that I could make a pie for this week’s Bake Off challenge, and also make some cream horns for next week’s challenge, as I’ll be in Las Vegas […]

Cookbook Challenge – John Torode: Aussie meat pies with pea soup

When Andrew picked the recipe meat pies with pea soup from John Torode’s ‘Beef’ cookbook, I must confess I was a bit dubious about it. The combination of pie swimming in soup sounded a bit odd, but I had committed to this Cookbook Challenge and Andrew was getting quite into it, so I thought I […]