Week 5 – a whole week at home to look forward to

Working for a French company, I get to travel to our Paris office quite frequently. Whilst I hate having to wake up at 5am to catch the train, and staying in a hotel is boring, I love taking the opportunity to spend time with my French colleagues. But I’ve been travelling a fair bit recently […]

Cookbook Challenge – Wales: Drover’s Pie and Plum & Hazelnut Cobbler

I know I this is only my third Cookbook Challenge, but so far it has achieved exactly what I had hoped – taking me away from my comfort zone cookbooks and helping me to discover fantastic new recipes which I’d probably not bother with ordinarily. You might not expect these unsophisticated Welsh dishes to engender […]

Week 4 – converting the French to British food

Who says the French don’t like British food eh? I have yet to meet a French person who hasn’t wanted to try some of our traditional British dishes, although I admit I was dubious about the success of my menu for last Wednesday night: Haggis, neeps and tatties to taste Welsh rarebit Toad in the hole […]

Cookbook Challenge – Vietnam: Salt & Pepper Prawns and Beef Noodle Soup

For my second Cookbook Challenge, Andrew chose one of my favourite (but not well used) cookbooks: The Food of Vietnam, by Luke Nguyen. I have a couple of books by him, and they are great to read as they have collections of recipes by region, so you feel like you are travelling around Vietnam with […]

Week 3 – ferrero rocher 1, Tracy 0

The best thing I can say about the ferrero rocher is that they are gone. Admittedly in my tummy and not in the bin, but they’re not singing to me any more. Mmmmm, they were delicious though. Note to self: don’t buy anything made with Nutella until I have learnt self control. As you can see […]

Cookbook Challenge – Mexico: Sopa de Lima and Slow Cooked Pibil Pork

For my first cookbook challenge of 2015 (ever, in fact!) Andrew picked the Mexican book he bought me for Christmas: ‘Mexico: the cookbook‘ by Margarita Carrillo Arronte. It’s a beautiful looking book with a vibrant pink and orange cover; and a serious one too: interspersed with occasional images (only one in every ten recipes has a […]

What I tried recently – Welsh milkshake, Mango Lassi and Gluten Free bagels – review

Sometimes I am lucky enough to be sent products to review, or I go to events and hear about new products. It’s great fun, and I am very lucky to have this experience. Over the last couple of months I have received the following goodies to share with you. Daioni milkshakes Unusual name? Yes, I thought […]

Week 2 – still hungry, still trying to ignore the Ferrero Rocher …

The box of Ferrero Rocher I bought for Christmas is still singing to me, but I am trying to ignore it as I won’t just eat one – I’ll eat them all. I know they are desperately unfashionable chocolates, but I adore them. Creamy Nutella and crunchy nutty coating – delicious. I’ll open the box once […]

Tres bien New Year meals in Paris – friends, food and flambee

I actually wrote this post last weekend, and planned to publish it today. During the week we have seen the awful terrorist attacks in Paris which have shocked us all, and it prompted me to add an extra note before publishing. I love Paris: working for a French company, having lots of French friends, and […]